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Team Leader: Ryan Fritzsche

TGC Operations prepares the Sunday worship gatherings and other church events by managing all the behind-the-scenes logistics and technical elements that make each service go smoothly. Our Setup Team serves the Trinity Grace community by creating a space for meaningful encounters with the Holy Spirit.



Say yes to...

hauling boxes
early mornings
dirty knees
gaffer tape



our team goals

We aim to create an engaging environment that welcomes visitors, equips leaders, and invites everyone into communion with Jesus.

We value professionalism in all we do, as a means to more effectively serve the work of God. From maintaining and setting up audio and visual equipment to distributing supplies and signage, we want to minimize glitches and eliminate logistical barriers at every event.


what to expect

We have two teams that support Sunday worship gatherings each week: a Setup Team that helps before the service and a Teardown Team that helps afterward... with some overlap in between.

Each week, you can expect to help in a variety of ways:

  • setup of audio and visual equipment, Kids and Hospitality materials, and signage

  • pray together as a team before the service and discuss any important logistics

  • assist the TGC staff to make the service logistics go as smoothly as possible



setup team

Your Role: Operations

Schedule: 1–2 Sundays per month

Timing: 7:30–9:30am

Commitment: Year round


  • on-the-job training, no classes necessary

  • confirm your availability on the team calendar each month

  • responsible to serve when you are scheduled and to find another team member who can take your place in the event of a schedule change

  • read and respond to team emails as necessary

  • ability to participate in moderate—vigorous physical activity (moving heavy boxes, setting up signage, running cables, preparing audio and visual equipment, etc)

  • demonstrate a heart for serving the Trinity Grace community with humility and professionalism


Each of our volunteer teams give you opportunities to connect, learn, and grow as an integral part of our church family. It's time to say yes to finding your place!



We want to answer your questions as you consider doing our team. No question is too small or too big. We look forward to hearing from you.


teardown team

Want to participate in TGC Operations after the worship service? Check out the Teardown Team.



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