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Team Leader: Elisa Booker

TGC Kids guides children in their relationship with Christ by providing a loving atmosphere where they can be fully accepted as children created in the image of God. We support parents as primary disciple makers and invite each family at Trinity Grace into the wonder of God's story. Our Security Team helps maintain a safe and welcoming environment for every child and our entire church family.



Say yes to...

knowing names
tech glitches
sharp eyes
bathroom trips
meeting parents



our team goals

The spiritual, physical and emotional health of our families is our priority. We see each child as an individual that is made in the image of God, with spiritual gifts to be encouraged.

Each Sunday at Trinity Grace, we provide an safe and engaging environment of loving consistency so that children can build community with their peers and grow in their relationship with God.


what to expect

We have one volunteer managing the welcome table. Each week, you can expect to help in a variety of ways:

  • setup and teardown of Check-In Table, registration equipment, and signage

  • pray together as a team before the service and discuss any important logistics

  • wear a lanyard (and a smile) to welcome and engage with kids and their parents

  • assist other TGC Kids team members in maintaining the open-door policy and two-person rule in every classroom

  • proactively assist the TGC staff to prepare and plan for the classroom experience



Security team

Your Role: Greeter and Hall Monitor

Schedule: 1 Sunday per month

Timing: 9am—1pm

Commitment: School Year


  • sign the TGC Kids volunteer covenant agreement and photo/video release

  • agree to a comprehensive background check

  • complete the TGC Kids Course (available online)

  • participate in the Stewards of Children training session (available online or in-person)

  • confirm your availability on the team calendar each month and cancel in advance / swap with another week

  • ability to participate in light–moderate physical activity (moving boxes, setting up tables, etc)

  • demonstrate a heart for joyfully serving the Trinity Grace community, welcoming families, and keeping our children safe

Weekly Duties:

  • setup Check-In Table, chairs, and signage

  • prepare and test check-in equipment

  • welcome each child and assist the family in the check-in process (both online and offline methods)

  • connect with parents to answer questions or register newcomers

  • provide directions and assistance to other church attendees (bathrooms, coffee hour, exits, etc)

  • keep a sharp eye on hallway traffic and help maintain a clear line of sight up and down the halls

  • assist TGC Kids teams with bathroom breaks

  • help with any classroom disciplinary issues and promptly notify any parents that need to help with their child

  • gather classroom materials from TGC Kids teams after service

  • teardown Check-In Table, cleanup and dispose of trash, and return supplies to the storage boxes

  • sync with the Operations and Hospitality teams to make sure all materials, signage, and boxes are returned to our storage area


Each of our volunteer teams give you opportunities to connect, learn, and grow as an integral part of our church family. It's time to say yes to finding your place!



We want to answer your questions as you consider doing our team. No question is too small or too big. We look forward to hearing from you.



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