Passover Seder Potluck

May 7th at 1:00pm

Passover is when the Jewish people (and all the people of God) remember the exodus from Egypt, and how God rescued the Israelites.  As followers of Jesus, Passover is also a time when we remember the Last Supper, and how Jesus is our Passover Lamb, leading us out of slavery to sin and into freedom. The Seder will be traditional with add-ins where Jesus fulfilled the promises.  Because we follow a text and everyone participates, please be sure to be on time so that we can all learn together.

Children are welcome to attend and we ask that everyone bring a side or dessert to share, main dishes will be provided.

Note: We will be following Seder tradition and following a Kosher menu. This means the food should be pork/shellfish free, and no wheat other than use of matzah or matzah meal.

vegetable dishes (without flour)
rice dishes
hummus/tortilla chips (no pita or crackers)
matzah ball soup
potato dishes

Deadline to RSVP is May 4th.

Location is 316 Bergen St. (Between 3rd and 4th Ave)

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