For Immediate Release: March 6, 2018

Trinity Grace Church Holds Lament and Prayer Vigil Following Neighborhood Accident

The Trinity Grace Church congregation in Park Slope is holding a lament and prayer vigil on Tuesday, March 6, 6:30pm, at Greenwood Baptist Church at 461 6th Street at the corner of 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. The lament and prayer vigil is to honor the lives and grieve the loss of two children in our congregation who tragically passed away in an accident on March 5.

This event is open to the neighborhood. Childcare will not be provided, but families are welcome to attend the service together. This event is not recommended for young children; please use discretion. 

Park Slope is a community of diverse faiths and traditions, but we are all centered on hope, fueled by love, and rooted in compassion. Compassion for each other, compassion for the suffering, and compassion for a community that is deeply hurting. This prayer and worship gathering is an opportunity to hold our hearts together in the grief that we feel for the families, friends, and neighbors who are affected by the pain of this incident.

Trinity Grace Church is a non-denominational Christian church in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our vision as a church is to join God in the renewal of all things, and for us this begins in our lives and neighborhood.

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