elementary teacher  


Part-time position. Available immediately. Located in NYC.

As Elementary Teacher, you'll report to the Children's Ministry Director, seeking to guide children in their relationship with Christ by providing a safe, inviting, engaging, and loving atmosphere where they are fully accepted as children created in the image of God. The spiritual, physical and emotional health of our families is our priority. We see each child as an individual that is made in the image of God, with spiritual gifts to be encouraged. We provide loving consistency in our instruction and care so that children can build community with their peers and grow in their relationship with God.

You'll be a member of the TGC Kids team: a dedicated and trained professional storytellers, talented worship leaders, and volunteer classroom assistants who bring God's word to life through age-appropriate lessons, songs, and play. Our Elementary Team provide learning, discussion, prayer, and play opportunities to these growing and enthusiastic members of our church family.


  • You will lead one of our elementary classes every Sunday (9am–1pm) during the NYC school year (September—June). Our classes are broken into the following age groups.
    • Discoverers (Grades K–1)
    • Explorers (Grades 2–3)
    • Voyagers (Grades 4–5)
  • You will setup and teardown tables, chairs, toys, class materials, and snacks each week.
  • You will pray together with the TGC Kids team before the service and discuss any important logistics.
  • You will wear a lanyard (and a smile) to welcome and engage with kids and their parents, demonstrating a heart for joyfully serving the Trinity Grace community, welcoming families, and keeping our children safe.
  • You will follow our policies and safety procedures, including the open-door policy and two-person rule in every classroom.
  • You will proactively assist the Children's Ministry Director and other church staff to prepare and plan for the classroom experience.
  • You will meet with the TGC Kids team monthly and have regular check-ins with the Children's Ministry Director.
  • You will confirm your availability on the team calendar each month and cancel in advance. You are allowed three paid absences in the ten-month schedule.


  • You have previous experience working with elementary children and their parents.
  • You have a rudimentary grasp on elementary developmental stages, can manage expectations in the classroom, and know what to expect and how to guide student behavior.
  • You have a personal relationship with Jesus and participate in a church community outside of Trinity Grace Church Park Slope.
  • You have available references that speak to your professionalism, character, and agree to a comprehensive background check.
  • You will sign the TGC Kids team covenant agreement and photo/video release.
  • You will complete the TGC Kids Course to learn about all aspects of the ministry, policies, safety procedures, and early childhood development.
  • You will participate in the Stewards of Children training session, to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.


  • You are a confident leader.
    You have an ease and boldness in speaking with children, providing clear instruction, strong listening skills, a helpful conversation guide, and using instinctual classroom management skills.
  • You are Dude Perfect and Dumbledore rolled into one.
    You are a person of integrity and a role model for elementary kids, fostering rich conversations. Your strong desire to teach and encourage is echoed in everything you do. You have a kind, loving, and firm disciplinary approach.
  • You are a healthy influencer.
    You possess a confidence and security in your beliefs that makes TGC Kids a safe and welcoming space for discussion about faith, Jesus, and the Bible.
  • You connect all the dots.
    You're a problem solver and a strategic thinker that is comfortable leading other volunteers in the classroom. You're a multitasking machine.
  • You're a communication ace.
    You are confident to talk with parents about all things: the good, the challenging, and the awkward. You are a responsible, reliable, and responsive team member who knows when to ask for help, when to listen, and when to speak up.
  • You’re so organized, it’s embarrassing.
    You pay remarkable attention to the smallest details and have meticulous organizational skills in the classroom. Your closet and kitchen drawers are a testament to this skill: when something doesn’t have a place, you make one for it and teach others to keep it that way.
  • You have a team ethos.
    You thrive in a creative and loving environment with other people who are passionate about helping children grow in the character of Christ. You're excited to work as a team and enjoy bringing people together to create a space that is safe and inviting for children. People like working with you because they know they can trust you.

weekly duties

  • You will prepare the classroom: move any existing classroom tables and chairs; clean floors and surfaces; and setup tables, chairs, class materials, and snacks.
  • You will welcome and check-in each family, connecting personally with the child, inviting them into an activity and guiding parents through a consistent, loving, and swift departure.
  • You will guide kids to bathroom breaks.
  • You will provide loving course correction and hold kids to a high expectation of mutual respect and better choices; promptly report any issues and the child will be asked to sit with parents in the service.
  • You will release each child to their family after service, taking time to discuss class highlights and behavior with parents.
  • You will teardown classroom materials, cleanup and dispose of trash, reset the room to its original specifications, and return supplies to the storage boxes.
  • You will followup with the Children's Ministry Director about any issues, questions, or ideas to improve and strengthen the overall experience.


  • This opportunity is for those located in the New York City area only.

How to Apply

If interested, please send resume to hr@trinitygracechurch.com 

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