family grief support

The following list of recommended resources is courtesy of Our House Grief Support Center.

Death of a parent

Always My Dad
by Kathryn Graf — Ages 5-10
A small picture book about the enduring love a young boy finds after the death of his father.

Because the Sky is Everywhere
by Nancy Sharp — English and Spanish version
A child looks everywhere for his father until he learns an important lesson.

Everett Anderson’s Goodbye
by Lucille Clifton — Ages 3-9
A young boy experiences grief following the death of his father.

A Journey with Mrs. Beens
by Marsha Ann Dobler — Ages 3-9
A children’s storybook of grief support — a lovely book about two children whose mother died.

Sad But OK — My Daddy Died Today
by Barbara Frisbie Juneau — Ages 8-12
Chapter book chronicling a family’s journey through cancer, death, and grief.

Saying Goodbye to Daddy
by Judith Vigna — Ages 6-12
Gentle treatment of death, funerals, grief as a multi-generational family grieves the death of the adult son, husband and father.

Death of a Grandparent

Children Also Grieve: Talking about Death & Healing
by Linda Goldman — Ages 5-10
Story about a dog in a family whose grandfather died; has room to create scrapbook.

Finding Grandpa Everywhere
by John Hodge — Ages 3-10
A young child discovers memories of a grandparent.

I Know I Made It Happen
by Lynn Bennett Blackburn — Ages 6-12
Deals with self blame when a series of bad things happen including a grand parent’s death.

Saying Goodbye to Grandma
by Jane Resh Thomas — Ages 8-12
In depth look at a family gathering for the funeral of a beloved grandmother.

Something Very Sad Happened
by Bonnie Zucker — Ages 3-10
A mother tells her son about the death of his Grandmother.

Until We Meet Again
by Susan Jones — Ages 3-10
Children react to death of grandfather.

What’s Heaven?
by Maria Shriver — Ages 3-8
Children react to death of grandfather.

Wishes for One More Day
by Melanie Joy Pastor — Ages 3-10

by Moshe Halevi Spero — Ages 6-12
A story guide to help Jewish children cope with loss and bereavement.

Death of a Sibling

Alicia Afterimage
by Lulu Delacre — Ages 12-18

Always My Brother
by Jean Reagen — Ages 6-11

A Birthday Present for Daniel
by Juliet Rothman — Ages 3-9

The Empty Place
by Roberta Temes — Ages 3-8
A child’s guide through grief.

Thumpy’s Story
by Nancy C. Dodge — Ages 3-8
Bunnies learn about death, grief and love when their sibling dies. Good Explanations for younger children.

Death by Suicide

Bart Speaks Out
by Linda Goldman — Ages 3-10
An interactive story and workbook for children dealing specifically with a death by suicide. Uses photos of dogs to soften the impact.

But I Didn’t Get to Say Good-Bye
by Barbara Rubel — Ages 12-18
A book for parents and professionals helping child suicide survivors; portions may be read aloud with older children.

grief in general

Bereaved Children and Teens
by Earl A. Grollman — Ages 3-18
A support guide for parents and professionals. Appropriate for older teens.

Brave Bart
by Caroline Sheppard — Ages 3-14
A cat experiences both a post-traumatic stress reaction and grief following a bad, scary thing.

Day of the Dead
by Tony Johnston & Jeanette Winter — Ages 3-10
A village in Mexico prepares and celebrates this holiday which honors the memories of their loved ones.

Fall of Freddie the Leaf
by Leo Buscaglia — All Ages
Poetic look at the life cycle and its meaning.

Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens: 100 Practical Ideas
by Alan D. Wolfelt — Ages 12-18

Grief Girl: My True Story
by Erin Vincent — Ages 12-18
Memoir of a woman who was orphaned suddenly at age 14.

I Wish I had a Book to Read
by Randi Pearlman Wolfson — Ages 7-13
Helping a child’s heart heal when someone special has died. Grieving children will see themselves in this sensitively written book which offers a unique way to write and draw about their feelings and memories following the death of someone close.

Lifetimes: A beautiful way to explain death to children.
Gentle explanations of the life cycle) Ages 3-7

Love is Forever
by Casey Brislov — Ages 3-10
Gentle treatment of loss and grief.

My Grief Journal: for Grieving Teens
by Our House — Ages 11-18
Offers the opportunity to draw or write about memories & feelings after death.

My Memory Book: for Grieving Children
by Our House — Ages 3-10
Offers the opportunity to draw or write about memories & feelings after death.

A Taste of Blackberries
by Doric Buchanan Smith — Ages 8-14
A fictional look at how a pre-adolescent boy who comes to terms with the death of a friend.

The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm
by LeVar Burton & Susan Schaefer Bernardo — Ages 5-11
Gentle story about how we can overcome tragic events with support.

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
by Judith Viorst — Ages 3-8
Death, Grief and the afterlife as experienced by a young boy following the death of his dear cat.

Timothy Duck
by Lynn Bennett Blackburn — Ages 3-8
Duck learns about death, dying, grieving, and healing when his friend dies.

When Dinosaurs Die
by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown — Ages 6-12

My Good Grief Journal for Kids
iPad app — Ages 6-12
Twenty activity pages and unlimited journaling helps adults spark warm conversations with their grieving children. Kids will create a lasting treasure chest of memories, thoughts and feelings about their loved one. The app can be completely personalized to the names, gender and relationships of the deceased as well as both child and adult users.

Death of a Pet

My Pet Died - Let’s Make a Book about It
by Rachel Biale

Oh Where has my Pet Gone?
by Sally Sibbit — Ages 3-18
A pet loss memory book.

When Only the Love Remains: The Pain of Pet Loss
by Emily Margaret Stuparyk

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
by Judith Viorst — Ages 3-8
Death, Grief and the afterlife as experienced by a young boy following the death of his dear cat.

Parents of Grieving Children

Children Grieve Too!
by Lauren Schneider
A handbook for parents of grieving children.

Death if Hard to Live With
by Janet Bode
Teenagers talk about how they cope with loss.

Attachment & Loss. Vol. III
by Bowlby

Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love
by Norine Dresser and Fredda Wasserman
Your emotional journey through end of life and grief.

Bereaved Children and Teens
by Earl A. Grollman
A Support Guide for Parents and Professionals.

Childhood & Death
by Corr Hannelore

Never Too Young to Know: Death in Children’s Lives
by Phyllis R. Silverman

A Parent’s Guide to Raising Grieving Children
by Phyllis Silverman and Madeline Kelly.

Helping Bereaved Children: A Handbook for Practitioners
by Nancy Boyd Webb

Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies
by William J. Worden

Jane in Bloom
by Deborah Lytton

The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price
by Jennifer Maschari

by Gabrielle Zevin