living as followers of jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit in brooklyn

October 6—November 24, 2019

Following Jesus together in the city is a long and beautiful tradition that stretches back to those first people who trusted Christ. It spans the ages and the world.  As we look to the early followers of Jesus in Colossae we see a pattern for how we too can live as followers of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit in the complexities of our time and city.

There is so much to be gained from reading, meditating on, and being nourished by this letter in community. We are challenging everyone in our church to use these eight weeks this fall to find a group to follow Jesus with and to use Colossians as a place to start.


Listen to the Teaching Series

Caleb Clardy and Josh Staton teach from the Book of Colossians in October—November 2019 in our series “In Christ by the Spirit for the City.” Explore the archives and subscribe to our podcast.


join a colossians group

Find a limited series Colossians group meeting near you. Most of these groups are co-ed and open to all stages of life. You are committing to attend only for eight weeks (October—November 2019) as we move through this series as a church community.


find an ongoing Life Group

Come discover the riches of walking with God in community. This fall is the perfect time to find a smaller community with whom you can practice the way of Jesus. Join an ongoing life group of committed friends growing together.


What to Expect

These groups meet weekly, often over a meal, to read the Scriptures, pray together, and practice what it means to live life in the Kingdom of God.

During the Colossians series, we will be sharing themes to consider, discussion questions, supplemental resources, and shared practices for groups to explore each week.


Introduction to Practices

Get to know our shared spiritual practices as a church for this fall. Look for how each inhale and exhale practice can bear the fruit of His kingdom in your life and in the city.


Colossians Group Guide

If you are a life group leader, or want to get a preview of the weekly content, you can browse the Colossians guide. Please note: this content is designed to be fully explored in the context of your group.


Our deacons and pastoral staff are ready to answer your questions and help connect you to our community. No question is too small or too big. We look forward to hearing from you.