Maundy Thursday

Thank you for taking the time to open your home, andprepare hearts and minds as Easter approaches. Below is an explanation of a table liturgy, some steps on how to prepare, and a guide for you to lead your family or small group of friends.

Table Liturgy

A table liturgy is an opportunity to share a meal, and to observe a time of prayer, reading, meditation, worship, and participation as a community. There are several components of a table liturgy that will best be observed as a small group or a family or group of families. Here are a few steps of preparation that will help facilitate the experience:

  1. Invite the Group
  2. Prepare the Space
    • Prepare the meal or have it potluck style
    • Have a foot washing station set up
    • Have the elements for Communion ready
  3. Prepare a Guide
    • Print out the Table Liturgy below